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Yoga Stretch

Deep stretching class incorporating mobility and Yoga inspiration.
Yoga Stretch

Time & Location

Week Nights 6pm-7pm (excluding Fri)

About the Event

Description: Yoga stretch is a stretch and mobility class designed to help you relieve tension, aches and pains. Whether your tension is coming from desk life, training or stress, this class will end your workday hitting the reset button and letting go of any pent-up tension.

Reasons we hate it: Let's be honest it's awkward, we all have different levels of flexibility, and when you're told downward dog is a resting pose you'll be wondering how on earth and have decided this isn’t the class for you. Don't compare yourself to anyone else, give it a few try’s and focus on whether your own tension level is a bit better by the end.

Reasons we love it: A deep dive focus on shoulders, hips or lower back can feel like everything your body has been screaming out for, and let’s be honest the short meditation at the end will help you let go of some stress and feel zen into your evening.

How often should I do it? Every day! OK, well as often as possible especially if you are working from home.

Kit: Mat, a belt/strap/rolled up jumper, maybe a cushion or a yoga block, occasionally a rolled-up towel or a smooth foam roller.

Level: Suitable for all abilities.

Lots of variations given so that it will work for all abilities. Take it at your own pace and work with your own range.

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