Thursday's 1.30pm-2pm | Zoom


A 30-minute session working through exercises to help improve range of movement, and stability in joints.

Time & Location

Thursday's 1.30pm-2pm

About the Event

Description: This mobility session will focus on a different area each week and will work through movements to help release tension, encourage a greater range of movement and create strength and stability in joints. We encourage you to have your cameras on for this class so the instructor can keep the pace and offer alternatives for you if you’re struggling with a position, and you can feel free to unmute and ask questions at any time.

Reasons we hate it: We don’t. Ok well some of the moves will be uncomfortable, because you are working on areas you are struggling with and tight in.

Reasons we love it: The list of benefits is long! Reducing discomfort, improving athletic performance in any fitness field, reducing the risk of injury, improving posture, strengthening joints as we get older… what more do you want???

How often should I do it? A whole lot more than anybody does! You can do this stuff daily, morning and night, before and after training. In reality you’re probably not going to do that so one session a week is a start!

Kit: Bring your mat and if you have any form of resistance band or strap bring that along. You might want a couple of cushions.

Level: Suitable for all abilities.

Lots of exercise variations given so that it will work for all abilities. If you have any injuries let the instructor know.

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