Wednesday's 12.30pm-1.15pm | Zoom

Arms & Abs

Complete upper body and core session
Arms & Abs

Time & Location

Wednesday's 12.30pm-1.15pm

About the Event

Description: Hitting your upper body from every angle imaginable. This is a cardio strength class using bodyweight to work in sets and repetitions.

Reasons we hate it: Upper body means focusing in on smaller isolated muscle groups that are generally much weaker and under used, they will burn and feel a bit pathetic at times.

Reasons we love it: Because it is weaker, it is probably the area you will notice the biggest change in quickest if you keep it consistent. Not only from a strength point of view but from an aesthetic shape. It will also reduce a whole heap of back neck and shoulder pain.

How often should I do it? This totally depends on your goals, and how often you are training. The most important thing to remember when strength training is to allow for recovery. So, if you are doing a general upper body session as these classes are, you will need at least one recovery day in-between, meaning 1 to 3 sessions a week.

Kit: This is a bodyweight, jump free (flat friendly) small space class.

Mat, towel and water bottle.

Level: Suitable for all abilities.

Lots of exercise variations given so that it will work for all abilities. If you have any injuries give us a shout beforehand and we can give you exercise options.

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