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Ab Attack

30-minute Ab and core blast
Ab Attack

Time & Location

Tuesday's 5pm-5.30pm

About the Event

Description: This is a 30-minute ab and core blaster class. Designed to strengthen every inch of your core so it not only looks good, but also counterbalances desk life and back pain.

Reasons we hate it: Let us be totally honest here. If your core is weak, a lot of this can feel like you are a fish flapping out of water to begin with. Every single one of us has to start at that point before it gets better.

Reasons we love it: I mean come on, asides from it being the area of the body that 95% of people say they want to work on, the health and fitness benefits of a strong core will help you correct your posture, reduce back pain and increase your lifting capabilities, whether that’s deadlifts in the gym, your kids in the park, or getting your shopping home from the supermarket.

How often should I do it? It is recommended that Ab specific training can be done up to 3 times a week to give them time to recover in between.

Kit: This is a bodyweight, jump free (flat friendly) small space class. Occasionally we might add in something optional like a cushion, but the instructor will let you know at the start of class.

Mat, towel and water bottle.

Level: Suitable for all abilities.

Lots of exercise variations given so that it will work for all abilities. Let the instructor know at the beginning if you have any injuries.

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