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Here at Anna Jarvis Wellbeing we are passionate about all things health and wellness related. 

My aim is to bring to you a full package of online fitness resources so that you can keep working on your health and goals wherever you are, whenever you want.

What I offer:

~ Access to a large, expanding, timetable of live, virtual fitness and wellbeing classes.

~ Classes to suit all abilities, and just like any live class you can chat to instructors before and after the class if you have any questions, injuries or require any modifications.

~ Most classes are kit free, jump free and require minimal space. (check our class descriptions on the timetable page for all details)

~ Online kit shop full of great quality, lightweight and easy to store training equipment to help you add a little extra to your sessions.

~ Simple contact for booking virtual Personal Training sessions, which will be tailored not only to suit your goals but your equipment and space limitations/requirements.